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Million Dollar Abie

"Million Dollar Abie" is the sixteenth episode of the seventeenth season of The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 2, 2006. This is the first episode to have a parody title of the film Million Dollar Baby, with the second being "Million Dollar Maybe" in Season 21. It was poorly received by fans.

Abisala Cabinet

Abisala Cabinet was the 4th cabinet of Lithuania since 1990. It consisted of the Prime Minister and 18 government ministers. Aleksandras Abisala was appointed the Prime Minister by the Supreme Council of Lithuania on 21 July 1992, after the previous government, headed by Gediminas Vagnorius, resigned amidst internal conflicts. The government served until the elections in October 1992, which were won by the ex-communist Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania, resigning on 26 November 1992. The government continued to serve in an acting capacity until Lubys Cabinet started its work on 17 December 1992. Abisala Cabinet is remembered for unpopular decisions - cuts to public spending, fixed salaries and rising costs of utilities.

Cabildo abierto del 22 de mayo de 1810

Cabildo abierto del 22 de mayo de 1810 is a portrait made by the Chilean artist Pedro Subercaseaux. It shows the artists interpretation of the Open Cabildo that took place in Buenos Aires on May 22, 1810, in the Buenos Aires Cabildo, and which was a turning point of the May Revolution.

Doto caballa

This species was described from Ceuta, an autonomous city of Spain on the north coast of Africa, and Albufeira on the south coast of Portugal, both localities at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.


Abiegos is one of nine Parroquias in the municipality Ponga in the autonomous Region Asturia in Spain. The 34 residents live in a village close to the Nature Park Ponga. The administrative centre of the municipality San Juan de Beleño is 5.5 km away.


Cabarzia is an extinct genus of varanopid from the Early Permian of Germany. It contains only a single species, Cabarzia trostheidei, which is based on a well-preserved skeleton found in red beds of the Goldlauter Formation. Cabarzia shared many similarities with Mesenosaurus romeri, although it did retain some differences, such as more curved claws, a wide ulnare, and muscle scars on its sacral ribs. With long, slender hindlimbs, a narrow body, an elongated tail, and short, thick forelimbs, Cabarzia was likely capable of running bipedally to escape from predators, a behavior shared by some modern lizards. It is the oldest animal known to have adaptations for bipedal locomotion, predating Eudibamus, a bipedal bolosaurid parareptile from the slightly younger Tambach Formation.


The Cabiropidae are a family of isopod crustaceans in the suborder Cymothoida. The original description was made by Giard and Bonnier in 1887. Members of the family are hyperparasites of other parasitic isopods in the order and some are parasites on other free-living isopods. The family contains these genera: Podoniscus Bourdon, 1981 Seroloniscus Giard & Bonnier, 1895 Arcturocheres Hansen, 1916 Ancyroniscus Caullery & Mesnil, 1919 Astacilloechus Hansen, 1916 Bourdonia Rybakov, 1990 Cironiscus Nielsen, 1967 Cirolanoniscus Pillai, 1966 Aegoniscus Barnard, 1925 Cabirops Kossmann, 1884 Clypeoniscus Giard & Bonnier, 1895 Munnoniscus Giard & Bonnier, 1895 Gnomoniscus Giard & Bonnier, 1895

Babesia caballi

Babesia caballi is a species belonging to Alveolata and the family Babesiidae. In horses, it causes the babesiosis disease, called "equine babesiosis". Its length is 2.5-5 µm, while its width is 2 µm. It is usually oval-shaped. Its vector and second feeders are ticks. In North America B. caballi is being spread by Dermacentor nitens.


Abigroup was established as Graham Evans & Co in 1957 as a civil engineering company within New South Wales, being renamed Abignano in 1961. In 1981 it was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In 1984 Abignano acquired Enacon followed in 1987 by Robert Salzer Constructions. In 1988 Abignano was renamed Abigroup following a management buyout and building company Hughes Bros was acquired. In 2004 Abigroup was acquired by Bilfinger Berger. In December 2010 it was included in the sale of Bilfinger Berger Australia to Lendlease. The brand was retired in 2013 as part of a restructure of Lendleases construction business units.


Cabangahan is an urbanizing barangay in the South Highway District of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines. Located 15 kilometres south of the city proper, it is bounded to the north by Aglayan, to the east by Violeta and Simaya, to the south by Bangcud, and to the west by Bugcaon of the Municipality of Lantapan. According to the 2015 census, Cabangahan has a population of 3.015 people. Cabangahan is generally flat with minor undulations near the bank of the Sawaga River. Agriculture is the most common economic activity, with corn, rice, rubber, and sugarcane being the primary crops. There is only one public elementary school which is administered by the Division of Malaybalay City, Schools District VI. Cabangahan is a hispanicization of the Binukid term kabangahan, which means "a place of many oil palm". It was first settled by the Higaonons and upon the migration of other ethnic groups into Mindanao, the settlement eventually became a sitio of Barangay Bugcaon, which was then a part of Malaybalay. In 1950, Cabangahan was separated from Bugcaon and became a regular barangay. By 1964, the Municipality of Lantapan was created which included Bugcaon; in 1966, RA 4787 further stipulated that Cabangahan remain as part of Malaybalay

Nepenthes cabanae

Nepenthes cabanae is a tropical pitcher plant endemic to Mt. Malimumu, Pantaron Range, Central Mindanao, Philippines, bringing the total number of Nepenthes species in this mountain range to eight.: 39 Nepenthes cabanae was assessed as closest to N. surigaoensis. However, N. cabanae has sessile leaf attachment clasping up to half of the stem running down the internode unevenly, with four longitudinal nerves running parallel with the midvein, subcylindrical lower and intermediate pitchers, and short triangular peristome margin teeth approximately 0.3-0.5 mm in length but not projecting beyond margin; compared with N. surigaoensis with strongly decurrent leaf attachment, 3-4 longitudinal nerves in parallel with midvein, wholly cylindrical or ellipsoidal lower and intermediate pitchers, and distinct peristome margin teeth projecting beyond the margin.: 43

Jose Cabantan

Jose Araneta Cabantan is a Filipino Roman Catholic clergyman who is currently the Archbishop of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines.